Sophomore year, and I'm going to be here for the next three years in this town.

Hi there! Welcome to my happy place, my tumblog. I love all three NCIS' s. Taylor Swift and her music just makes my heart explode. I'm a brand new student journalist. I love Jesus. I also dance and help with the littles at my studio. I have trichotillomania and other anxiety issues. I'm a huge perfectionist. To quote Miss Swift, "I'm just a girl on a mission, but I'm ready to fly."

So my url is violetdoodlebug. Doodle/doodlebug is the nickname I was given around the time I was 5 or 6, and only my family uses it. No matter what the situation, I'm Doodle. Its really comforting to me. Also around the time I made my tumblr, I got a new baby cousin, and I wanted her to be named Violet. It didn't happen. So, violetdoodlebug.
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