Things Catholic Girls Say:

  • Boy: hey pretty baby.
  • Me: um hi. *awkwardly waves*
  • Boy: ayee you gotta bae or nah?
  • Me: ....
  • Boy: do you wanna be-
  • Me: um, yes. I, uh, i do have a bae. Yea. JESUS IS BAE. *runs away quickly while doing the Sign of The Cross*

My *gently used* new Oxfords :) first pair! I’ve been in the flats or Mary Janes up til now! I still will wear my Mary Janes for tap, but the Oxford’s for Irish.



Neighborhood Watch party with heyitskensi!

I don’t fangirl. Nope.

You are not a fangirl (noun) but you do fangirl (verb).


Deeks and Kensi, synchronized swimmers operatives

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Occupation: waiting for Taylor Swift’s 5th album



Not the babyyy!

Oh come on, you got 3 kids Michael, surely you know how to hold a baby ;)

This concerns me for next season..



CBS is looking for NCIS fans to pick their 10 favorite episodes of all time. Cast your votes for the chance to see your opinion in print!

it’s so important that so many significant Kate episodes are included

They put good eps on this survey! My favorite ( A Man Walks into a Bar)

Disappointed Twisted Sister wasn’t on there but can’t have it all